12 Back to School Traditions

to start with your kids THIS year!!

Believe it or not, it’s almost time to go back to school!! Can you believe that?!


Stores are filled with backpacks and markers and crayons and so much paper – marking the end of summer and the start of another wonderful school year.


You could say that I am one of those people who finds reasons to celebrate – I’ll celebrate anything, and going back to school is no exception! Whether your child is starting preschool or is a seasoned school veteran with multiple grades under his belt, it’s fun to get excited for the first day of school.


So I have put together a list of some of my favorite back-to-school traditions to start the year off right and that your kids will be sure to remember forever!!


Themed Story Time:

Books are a big deal in our house and there are so many great ones about back-to-school!!








But one of my favorites is First Day Jitters and then after the book, drinking “jitter juice” to wipe out any of those back-to-school butterflies in just one sip! It may not make common core any easier to understand, but it will for sure make the morning more fun!




Hollie Griffith – The Razzle Dazzle Classroom


First Day of School Countdown:

Build the anticipation of the first-day- of-school during that last week of summer by creating a paper-link chain to countdown the days until school starts.



Happy Home Fairy


Or, display a fun printable instead…



free printable here – from The Suburban Mom



Special School Supplies:

Have your kids leave their empty backpacks out the night before the first day of school with the hopes of the back-to-school fairy coming to fill them with fun surprises and supplies for the year.



Parents Magazine


Or if the thought of the commitment from another fairy, elf, or small magical creature for the next few years has you cringing – just wrap them up in a basket or stuff them in a backpack yourself, whatever simple way you like to make the ordinary more fun.



Darling Doodles



Back to School Interview:

If you want to create a cute keepsake to go along with those 1st Day pictures, try interviewing them the night before the big day, or over a special breakfast. You can even have them fill it out to record their handwriting each year, or conduct it yourself for a sweet conversation to ensure you a few quality moments before the special day.



Free Printable – What Mommy Does



Decorate! Decorate! Decorate!:

Fill the room up with balloons while they sleep (ignore the creep factor here) or hang streamer from the doorways to make the beginning of the school year feel super festive.



Scrapbook & Cards Today


If you feel like dealing with the mess, bring the party to your driveway with messages in chalk and some confetti launchers for everyone to shoot off – giving you some major cool mom bonus points.



Parents Magazine


Or you can really go all out and make that drive to school extra special (or extra embarrassing depending on the age) by pimping out your car! Deck it out with all kinds of balloons, streamers, banners, and colorful fun.



the House of Hendrix



“School Year’s Eve” P-A-R-T-Y:

The night before school starts throw an epic party for your kids and their friends to get excited about the next morning. Make fun signs and banners out of lunch bags, have milk & cookies…or a cake if you feel up for it. You could even play fun grade school games like red rover, dodgeball, or heads up 7up!



Iron & Twine


Back to School Fuel Party

I Dig Pinterest


Little Surprises:

I am all about notes in kid’s school lunches, but the first day of school deserves something a little more exciting! Don’t you think?


I love the idea of a corresponding treat along with a note. These are some of my favorites…



Thirty Handmade Days



Bunches And Bits


IMG_2450 05-23-13 One smart cookie

Gummy Bears and Pony Tails



First Grade and Fancy Free


Special Dinner:

Make the night before school extra special by having a celebratory dinner! Let each kiddo put in a request for a dinner and a dessert item. Menu cards like these may be helpful if you have more than one child, so that everyone can put in a suggestion. They will love seeing their requests make their way to the dinner table – even if it’s not the most cohesive meal you’ve had as a family!



printable – The Dating Divas


Special Breakfast:

Or, you can do something special and out of the ordinary the morning of to celebrate as a family.


Make chocolate chip or funfetti pancakes, breakfast banana splits or even a French toast casserole! It doesn’t have to be complicated (we all know how mornings can get) just make enough time to sit down together – even if it doesn’t happen again until the next first day of school!



Art From My Table


apple waffles

Be Different, Act Normal



The Joys of Boys



Baked by Rachel



First Day Photos:

Take a picture every year, in the same spot if you can, so you can really look back and see their growth and change. There are a ton of free printable “First Day of School” signs on Pinterest – I personally like these. Or you can just use a chalkboard or dry erase board too.



Printable – Honey & Lime


Or you could opt for the whole oversized t-shirt thing, where you snap a photo of your child in a huge t-shirt with the year they will graduate from high school on it – each year it will fit a little bit better!



Where The Smiles Have Been



Teacher gifts:

I always like to bring our new teacher a “little something” on the first day.  It’s important to remember that this is a person your child will be spending countless hours with – something as simple as a handwritten note introducing yourself and a small gift (I love to make these) to thank them for all they have done in preparation of a great year goes a long way.





Thirty Handmade Days


Lil’ Luna



The Happy Scraps



Mama’s Coffee Date:

That first day isn’t all about the kids, right? Round up your mom group for a fun coffee date by passing out these darling invites…



Jacolyn Murphy


Can I tell you how much I love this idea?!


All the mamas in my tribe – you, me, Sbux!!


Consider this an official standing invite for a much deserved coffee date after drop off on the first-day-of-school!!


Here’s to a great year!!


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  1. Omg these are the cutest! That shirt they grow into !?!? I swoon. Can you just make me these teacher gifts and send them to me please?!? I feel like it I do it they will end up looking like a child’s handy work ?? great ideas! Treat it like the holiday it is. I love it

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