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My name is Stephanie Cholakian, I live in Central California with my husband Adam, my son Mark and our dog Gus.


I have a PhD. in Clinical Forensic Psychology but for now I am a full time stay at home mom.

I love coffee, wine, reality TV and Pinterest! I’m kind of obsessed with throwing parties and eating carbs and dessert of any kind – my sweet tooth is pretty much out of control.

I suffer from a severe case of mommy brain so this is a place to record everything I am likely to forget otherwise – because lets be honest, having a tiny human somehow transforms your memory into something nonexistent!!

My hope is that through sharing about my crazy, loud, fabulous, ridiculous life you feel better about yours – because I promise that when it comes to this whole being a wife/mother/woman thing, you aren’t alone – I have likely been there myself, or know somebody who has – or at the very least heard about it before – it’s pretty hard to shock me… that’s not a dare, it’s just a fact.


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