Boho Chic Baby Shower

That's surprisingly easy to pull off

Earlier this month I co-hosted a baby shower with my best friend Kathryn for one of our other best friends – we wanted to make sure the theme was based more around her taste than the usual baby bottle overload everyone has come to expect. Something that her family and friends would enjoy instead of dreading because of all those cheezy shower games – which if I am being honest, I totally hate. I don’t care if I say the word “baby” and you take my token – just ask and I’ll give it to you so I don’t have to play anymore, mmkay?


This particular mommy-to-be is a California girl at heart, transplanted in the middle of Middle America. She is a fan of neutral tones with splashes of colorful accents. Mixing and matching. Combining polished details, like sterling silver platters, with multiple textures, like lace and fringe. It only made sense to throw a perfectly Boho Chic Baby Shower!!


After months of planning, I’m happy to share all the fabulous detail with you here…


The menu consisted of a variety of delicate sandwiches:

  • Cucumber tea sandwiches
  • Egg salad tea sandwiches
  • Blue cheese and caramelized onion caravan sandwiches
  • French sandwiches


Along with a variety of salads:

  • Chicken Caesar salad
  • Shrimp Caesar salad
  • Home Grown Summer salad


And a few extras, like walnut stuffed dates and my personal favorite CARBS!! We had biscuits and breads with assorted compound butters – including Garlic & Herb, Strawberry, Sriracha Honey, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar and even Sundried Tomato!!




Each guest was presented with a mason jar – tied with a feather to keep with the theme – so they could enjoy the Mimosa Bar or Jasmine Iced Tea adorned with fresh citrus and edible flowers.




As if there wasn’t already enough food, the tables were decorated with a variety of charcuterie boards – complete with all kinds of cured meats, cheeses, olives, fruit and spreads!!





As a favor, each guest was given a wish bracelet – a dainty bracelet that you make a wish on as it’s tied on your wrist. When the bracelet falls off or wears through your wish is said to come true!


Décor was kept simple, and in true Boho fashion, mixed colors and textures together.

Doily garland surrounded the perimeter of the yard, along with adorable banners with sayings like “Cheers” and “Dreaming of Baby Duvall”




The mommy-to-be had been so diligent with her creative monthly chalkboard bump pictures that we had to showcase them in a way for all the guests to see…




I also made a string art sign with the same saying from the invitations – Catch the Joy – playing off of the way dream catchers catch dreams, keeping bad ones caught up in the web and letting the good ones float down to you in your sleep.




Speaking of dream catchers, I also made these modern versions that were spread throughout the party. Using lace, ribbon, ric rac, pearl strands, rope, even feathers made these more visually appealing than the traditional version.



My absolute favorite part of the shower was this amazing “naked cake” – naked because it purposely has no outer frosting. Don’t let that fool you though because it was just as decadent as a traditional cake.




I use an amazing local bakery called All Things Frosted for all my cakes, no matter the occasion. They are a mother/daughter duo that knocks it out of the park every.single.time. Not only are they crazy talented – I mean check out those fondant flowers (their fondant is made with marshmallows so its actually delicious, unlike the usual fondant), but their cakes are the best you have ever tasted (trust me on this – I am a connoisseur of all things cake), this one is Snickerdoodle – yeah you heard me, a Snickerdoodle cake!!! Check out their other flavors here.




While Kathryn and I knew the gender of the baby (because we were hosting and are the BFF’s) it was kept secret from everyone else. So we made the gender reveal part of the entertainment of the shower – instead of the same old shower games everyone has come to expect.


The mystery box worked out perfectly – when the bottom flaps were opened gender appropriate contents revealed what Baby Duvall actually was…




As you can tell, a baby girl will be welcomed into the world this October!!


We did play one game. Being that our mommy-to-be was born and raised in California (and misses it terribly) we had to incorporate her favorite State into the shower somehow. So we decided to play off the fact that we are jam-packed with celebrities – at least down south – and play a game I titled Who’s That Baby?


Celebrity Baby Match Game2


I chose a lot of celebs that I knew our guest of honor loved, and some of my favorites too (cough, T-Swift, cough JT, cough, cough). As an added twist I even included the baby pictures of the mommy and daddy-to-be – just to make it a little personal.


It was a huge hit and everybody got some good laughs in comparing notes of what their guesses were – how many can you get right?



In lieu of a guest book we had everyone write some advice or a special message on a paper feather or two, then they were tied onto an empty dream catcher. Much more fun than the traditional way of sharing well wishes and it was an interesting talking point for the guests too.


Overall it was a great day, with more than enough love to shower mommy and baby all the way back to Illinois where we will all patiently await her arrival!!



(My people, left: my fabulous shower co-host, right: the beautiful mommy-to-be)


3 thoughts on “Boho Chic Baby Shower

  1. You girls nailed it on theme, food, atmosphere, and decor! Best baby shower I’ve ever been too! So blessed to say it was for me and our little lady. xoxo

  2. Hi, your Baby Shower looked great.
    I know this is cheeky, I have been trying to do your picture quiz but I am struggling with No 21, I don’t suppose you could tell me who it is before it drives me mad!!!!!!
    I would be very grateful.
    My daughter is expecting a baby in July and we have her Baby shower tomorrow.
    Hope to hear from you,

    Joyce x

  3. Hi

    I love some of the ideas you have. The celeb baby game looks really fun and I’d love to incorporate it in a shower I’m organizing so I wondered if you wouldn’t mind sharing the answers with me?

    Thanks very much

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