Four Out of This World Summer Crostini

from 1st Quality Produce Farm to Families Box

My Farm to Families box from 1st Quality Produce is pretty amazing this month. It is jam packed with all kinds of delicious summer produce. Look at all this goodness…     There is romaine lettuce. apricots, green bell peppers, cantaloupe, russet potatoes, green beans, corn, lemons, parsley, and avocados!!   I mean, there is so Read more…


Off the Cob Mexican Street Corn

cause its just easier this way!!

So, lets talk about Mexican street corn for a second, mmkay?   If you aren’t familiar, its basically delicious corn covered in creamy, garlicky deliciousness, drizzled with lime juice and then rolled in cilantro, a bunch of cheese and chili powder – its as close to heaven on a plate as you can get.   Read more…


Vegetable Tian

You know those recipes that look incredibly difficult or time consuming but in reality are super duper easy and take less time to prep than it did to drive to the store and shop for all the ingredients?   Yeah, those are the best kind. The ones with WOW factor and no hard labor involved. Read more…


Easter Sugar Cookie House

One of my favorite activities around Christmas time is decorating gingerbread houses – probably because it’s an activity that allows me to be creative and eat cookies and candy in the process.   Its also a really fun activity for kids – guys I’m telling you it keeps them busy for a really, really long Read more…


Rice Krispie Treat Carrots

chocolate dipped and toddler approved!!

A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law gave my son a chocolate covered Rice Krispie treat on a stick. Apparently he saw them in the window of a local candy shop and bought one for all the kids in the family – super sweet! Anyway, my son loved it!! And I mean he looooved it!!   Read more…


Spicy Asian Chicken Tacos

with cabbage slaw

So the hubs and I have been in a major dinner rut the last month or so – you know when nothing sounds good for dinner because you are beyond burnt out on all your usual go-to meals?   That’s totally us right now.   Its to the point where if you hear people in Read more…


Lazy Chile Verde

you only need 3 ingredients!!

Have you ever tried to make Chile Verde from scratch – with the roasted tomatillos and the jalapenos and the whole thing? Me neither. Mostly because I am too lazy to even attempt it.   That said, I do love a good Chile Verde and this recipe meets all my requirements for a fool proof Read more…


6 Easy Compound Butter Recipes

my go-to homemade gift!!

Compound butter is just a fancy name for flavored butter. They are incredibly delicious and super easy to make. Which makes them the perfect homemade gifts for the holidays, as hostess gifts, housewarming presents or as appetizers and accompaniments for a party!!   You can make them with just about anything – sweet or savory. Read more…


Blackberry Apple Cobbler

the most comforting dessert of all time!!

For me, nothing is quite as comforting as dessert – and fruit cobblers are pretty much the equivalent of comfort food in dessert form. They are always a crowd pleaser no matter the season, but during the cold winter months you cant beat this cobbler recipe served warm with a side of vanilla ice cream!! Read more…

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