The Momerie Takes Napa Valley

Our Wine (& Food) Weekend Away!

Last week the hubby and I took a quick trip up to Napa Valley, it was one of those vacay’s that help you regroup and reconnect as a couple – which we needed in light of everything lately.   We stayed at the Vintage Inn, which is a charming, French inspired hotel in the heart Read more…


Food Judge For a Day

A List Of My Favorite New Products For The Fresno Food Expo

Earlier this week I was invited to the Fresno Food Expo’s Taste, Tally, Tweet, which was basically a new product preview showcasing all of the new, innovative food and beverage products that have been developed by locally-owned businesses this year.   Basically, as a local media partner (can we just pause for a second and Read more…


Caffeinate Like A Mother

a Lanna Coffee Co. Review

If there is one thing I have learned in my 2 ½ years of motherhood it is this – coffee is necessary.   It is my friend, my addiction, and it is single handedly responsible for keeping my child alive in his first months of life because at that time I could count the number Read more…


Patriotic Playlist

I don’t know about you, but my typical 4th of July celebration contains lots of family and friends outside BBQ-ing, swimming, eating, drinking, playing fun lawn games like Jumbo Jenga, eating, watching awesome firework displays, did I mention eating?   While all that makes for a great get together, nothing sets the scene for a party Read more…


The Post Secret Experience

cross that one off the bucket list!!!

I recently crossed off an unexpected bucket list item. I say unexpected because I fell into the opportunity completely by accident.   I have followed PostSecret since I was in college – my roommates and I would wake up on Sundays (usually sometime in the afternoon) and read secrets together.   If you aren’t familiar, Read more…


Meal Planning Made Easy

My Strategy for Cooking More and Stressing Less

So here’s the thing, I’m kind of a crummy housewife.   Not even being hard on myself, just being real with all of you – its fact.   I don’t vacuum as much as I should, at times I’d rather break my own arm than fold laundry and I certainly don’t cook dinner as much Read more…


A Girl Walks Into a Bar…Method Challenge!!

So everyone has been super into March Madness and their brackets lately – I’m not a sports fan so it really doesn’t effect me one bit. Except it kinda does because a month ago my local Bar Method decided to participate in their own version of March Madness, the Bar Madness Challenge!!   The challenge Read more…


Fresh Wave Product Review

5 Ways I Eliminated Toddler Stink

Things get messy once you have kids. I mean that in the best way possible – there is just really no denying that your world pretty much gets turned upside down and cross-eyed (I blame the sleep deprivation) the moment those tiny humans enter into this world. But aside from the massive adjustments in your Read more…


Reflections & Resolutions

in 5...4...3...2..1...Happy New Year!!!

I think I have finally recovered from the holidays. So sorry to be so MIA. The cooking and baking and wrapping and family – its beyond wonderful, but it was A LOT!!   I’m back in the swing and getting ready for 2016 – with that comes both reflections and resolutions.   Every year on Read more…

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