The Momerie Takes on Infertility

The Start of Our Journey for Baby #2

The other day we “officially” started our infertility journey up at Stanford. I say “officially” because they were technically our second opinion.   You see, after my miscarriage a few months ago, my OBGYN decided it was time to refer me to a specialist. Almost a year of trying, three rounds of Clomid, and a Read more…


The Momerie Takes Napa Valley

Our Wine (& Food) Weekend Away!

Last week the hubby and I took a quick trip up to Napa Valley, it was one of those vacay’s that help you regroup and reconnect as a couple – which we needed in light of everything lately.   We stayed at the Vintage Inn, which is a charming, French inspired hotel in the heart Read more…


How I Found the Love of my Life

the 3 key decisions I made that sealed fate

I’ve been reflecting on my marriage a lot lately – I think its probably because the hubby and I are approaching our 6th wedding anniversary. Its crazy, our wedding feels like it was both yesterday and a lifetime ago. One thing is for sure though – I love him more today than the day that Read more…


5 Rules For Fighting Fair

that will change the way you argue - for the better!!

If you are in a relationship, of any kind, especially if you are married you are going to argue – that’s just a fact. Sometimes it will be over what’s for dinner (the main source of fighting in our house – true story!) and sometimes it will be for more serious things.   When you Read more…


5 Ways to Connect With Your Partner

that are easy and effective

It’s probably the psychologist in me – and the countless hours of therapy I have provided to people over the years – that has given me the insight that all relationships (even friendships) are constantly evolving, changing, and requiring different things at different times – for each person involved.   As a result, you have Read more…

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