DIY Fall Simmer Pot

make your home smell just like Fall!!

I know the official start of fall was a few weeks ago, but it is just finally starting to feel like it here in Central California – brisk mornings, leaves changing, scarves and sweaters… I love everything about it!!


Nothing has made me happier lately than curing up with a blanket and coffee in the morning, opening the windows and filling my home with the undeniable smells of fall.


To me it’s one of those smells you just want to bottle up – like the ocean, or clean laundry, and fresh baked cookies. It’s a smell that instantly transforms my mood and my mindset. Luckily for me, there is a way to bottle up this amazing smell – make a simmer pot.


What is a simmer pot? Basically a bunch of ingredients that you add to water on the stove and just let it simmer while it fills your home with its amazing aromas.


I usually do them around Christmas time, and have even packaged up the ingredients and given them away as gifts, that’s how much I like them. So I thought I would experiment and try to do the same thing and just change up the ingredients to incorporate my favorite fall scents.


The results were everything my autumn dreams are made out of, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have this combo simmering on my stove all season. Quite frankly, so should you!!


To make your own Fall simmer pot:


Fill a pot with water and turn on low to simmer.


Add a few cinnamon sticks, the rind of one orange, about 2 Tablespoons of whole cloves and about 3-5 bay leaves (depending on size).


Then simmer away.


If water levels start getting a little low just add more water and you are good to go for a few more hours.


Its inexpensive and way better than a candle, in my opinion. Plus, you can experiment with all different types of ingredients to create all types of scents.


So go raid your pantry and start simmering!!


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