Easter Sugar Cookie House

One of my favorite activities around Christmas time is decorating gingerbread houses – probably because it’s an activity that allows me to be creative and eat cookies and candy in the process.


Its also a really fun activity for kids – guys I’m telling you it keeps them busy for a really, really long time!!


I’ve also been on a bit of a sugar cookie kick lately, as you have noticed if you follow my blog and Instagram posts, so I thought it would be fun to merge the two for Easter!!


Easter sugar cookie houses sound awesome, right?


I mean, its already a known fact that Easter candy is THE BEST seasonal candy…by far!! Cadbury eggs. Enough said!!  Plus, sugar cookies just seem much more Easter-ish than gingerbread, thats just my opinion (but if you’re a huge fan you could totally go traditional here).


So I figure, why should Christmas have all the fun? This year we are starting a new tradition in the Cholakian house – sugar cookie bunny houses… or maybe sugar cookie chicken coops… I don’t know the name obviously needs work, but whatever they are we are doing them!!


First, you have to make your sugar cookies. I used my own sugar cookie recipe to make the houses – you can find it here – but any recipe will do.


*Whatever you do just don’t use prepackaged dough for these – your cookies WILL spread and wont fit together well enough when it comes time to assemble.


I used this template for my houses and zoomed in to about 125% before printing…




You can find it here or choose from a bunch online, just search for gingerbread house template.


I rolled out the dough and used a pastry cutter to cut out the paper pieces in perfectly straight lines – make sure to cut each piece out twice in order to build a complete house.




If you use my cookie recipe it will easily be enough for two complete houses + extra for other cookies


Let cookies cool and sit a day or so, this way they harden up slightly and are easier to put together.




Once you are ready to assemble your house make sure you have a good royal icing with stiff consistency – if it is too thin or flood-like consistency you will not get a good hold and your house can, and probably will, fall apart – unless you sit there holding it in place for hours, and who has time for that!?!


You can get my royal icing recipe here.


I like to start with bonding one of the sides to the front of the house, then bond those two pieces to the base (I used a piece of cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil). From there connect the other side piece, then the back, and finally both sides of the roof.




Once assembled, let it sit for a few hours for the icing to harden completely…




At this point you (or the kids) are ready to decorate! I like to organize all my candy in muffin tins – it allows you to see all your materials in one place and works well for the kiddos to grab easily.




I also like to use a good assortment of seasonal candy – like jellybeans, m&m’s, malt ball eggs, edible Easter grass, chocolate bunnies, cookies, even cereal!!


I personally like to start at the top and work my way down, but there is no wrong way to decorate a cookie house!!


Besides being a fun-filled activity for the whole family they also make the perfect centerpiece for your Easter festivities!




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