Family Friendly Halloween Movies

for the entire month of October!!

I love Halloween – I’m not sure if it’s because it’s my birthday month, or the fall weather, or the fun in dressing up, but it has always been one of my favorite holidays.


That said, I’m not a huge fan of the scary, creepy, gory stuff – I’m more of the PG-13 version of Halloween. Which is perfect, since I’m a mom and the kiddo likes celebrating too!


He is finally at the age where he is into movies and characters and can sit through (the majority) of a film without losing interest. With the cooler weather, nothing screams family time to me more that cozying up under a blanket with some cider (or hot chocolate) and having a family movie night, right?!


So I put together a list of some of my favorite family friendly Halloween movies so you all can have a marathon of your own:


Hocus Pocus – undeniably the best Halloween movie of all time, don’t even try to argue with me on this one. It rocks!



Nightmare Before Christmas – it’s not really Halloween until you’ve seen the Pumpkin King.



The Addams Family – They’re creepy and they’re cooky, they’re all together spooky, making them the perfect Halloween flick.



Addams Family Values – so why stop at one when you can have them twice?



Practical Magic – Cursed witch sisters who take take on haunted ex-boyfriends and true love? Whats not to like.



Harry Potter Series – probably the most well known wizard of our time deserves a spot on the list, dontcha think?



Beetlejuice – an oldie but goodie!!



Casper – The friendly ghost makes this a perfect Halloween movie for the kiddos.



Monsters Inc. – not really a Halloween movie but the littles love it and its theme appropriate.



Monsters University – continuing with the theme appropriateness.



Ghostbusters (1984) – Cause I ain’t afraid of no ghost and the original is awesome!



Ghostbusters (2016) – and I have to show the ladies some love too!



It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – Because the Peanuts gang are always a good time.



ParaNorman – Its kind of the “I see dead people” for kids, where a boy saves his entire town from a centuries-old curse and proves that you don’t become a hero by being normal.



E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial – now I’m just dating myself, but its so good I had to.



Monsters vs. Aliens – nothing screams Halloween more than monsters and aliens, right?



Hotel Transylvania – The perfect Halloween movie for kids.



Hotel Transylvania 2 – cause you know I love a good sequel!!



Frankenweenie – It’s the most PG concept of Frankenstein you can get, plus nothing says Halloween like Tim Burton or stop-action animation, amiright?



Coraline – a girl finds a secret door in her new house and discovers an alternate world – so its kinda like a Halloween version of “The Secret Garden”



Mickeys House of Villains – you can’t go wrong with Mickey anything, at least in our house.



The Goonies – again, not a Halloween movie, but do you really have to argue with me? It’s a classic and good anytime.





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