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A List Of My Favorite New Products For The Fresno Food Expo

Earlier this week I was invited to the Fresno Food Expo’s Taste, Tally, Tweet, which was basically a new product preview showcasing all of the new, innovative food and beverage products that have been developed by locally-owned businesses this year.


Basically, as a local media partner (can we just pause for a second and marinate in that fact that I had such a fancy title? Eek!! I mean I felt like I had arrived with my media kit and name badge – not that I let it go to my head or anything) I got to taste all the new products that were displayed, then I voted on my favorites to kick off the People’s Choice Award for new food, beverage or packaging concept. Then I was able to share my thoughts on everything via social media.


So that’s a really long way to say I got to pig out on all kinds of awesome new food that you can’t buy in stores yet.


It was awesome.


I took my Sissy, I really had to twist her arm – not, and we managed to meet up with our friend, and blogger, Annie of The Real Housewife of Fresno, check her out!!




All these new products, along with many others – like we’re talking 150, will be showcased at the Fresno Food Expo. Now in its 6th year, the Fresno Food Expo is the nation’s largest regional food show, previewing local growers, producers, brewers, winemakers within the 8-counties of the San Joaquin Valley.


It’s kind of amazing, and considering we are one of the world’s largest agricultural regions there are some super yummy things to try – it’s like Costco on a Saturday…only way bigger and way better!!


I have always wanted to go, so bucket list check!!


The actual Food Expo isn’t until July 28th (you can still get tickets here) but these are some of my favorites from the Taste, Tally, Tweet event:


559 Beer:



This is a family owned and operated brewery, with 8 different styles of beer. I tried the 559 WPA and it was awesome. All of their beer features locally grown ingredients and they offer tastings (just like wine tastings) at their Clovis location.


California Dried Fruit, Inc.:



These dried fruit spreads were addicting, I lingered at this table for longer than I’d like to admit because I could not stop eating!! All the spreads are processed from natural ingredients into a smooth, rich, butter-like consistency. The cinnamon raisin was to die for – I heard the fig was out of this world too, but sadly I am allergic so I couldn’t partake. Put this on my toast in the morning and I’m a happy girl.


Tasteful Selections Take & Shake Potatoes:



Imagine ramen, but for tiny potatoes!! Mind blown, right!? Each of these little cups contain pre-washed, fast cook potatoes that don’t need any peeling. You just cook, pour on your seasoning (Chipotle BBQ, Chili Lime or Black Pepper, Rosemary & Thyme) and shake them up for the perfect grab-and-go snack!!!


Setton Farms Pistachio Berry Blend:



I hate trail mix, hate!!! HATE!! But this is not like any trail mix I have met before, maybe its not even considered a trail mix, I don’t know. I do know I really liked it. It had a mix of tart cherries, cranberries, roasted almonds, cashews and white chocolate chips – super yummy for a snack or in your morning yogurt!


Lanna Coffee Co. Cold Brew Coffee:



I am pretty much in love. Totally obsessed. If you need more you can read it here.


Riley’s Brewing Four The Hard Way hard soda variety pack:



This stuff is dangerous, like in a big way. It is so delicious and doesn’t taste like an alcoholic beverage…but it is!! I tried every single one because I had to, each one was better than the next! The Orange cream tastes like a 50/50 bar, for real. The Vanilla cream is like the best cream soda I have ever had and I can’t wait to make adult root beer floats with the root beer and these with the Ginger Beer!!


Poindexter Nut Company Go Crazy Nuts Walnut Spread: 



I want to put this on ALL THE THINGS!!! Like anything I can find. There were so many different flavors but I tried the coconut, oatmeal cookie, chocolate espresso and buffalo – they range from sweet to savory and each one was out of this world! I could put this stuff on toast, dip it with celery or as a spread on sandwiches. I can’t wait for this stuff to hit the shelves!!


Homegrown Organic Farms Freeze-Dried Organic Fruit:



I’m obsessed with freeze-dried fruit! Its the best snack and perfect for the diaper bag since its toddler approved. Its super healthy, sweet like fruit with the crunch you need to feel satisfied sometimes. Costco used to carry it but I haven’t been able to find it for a while, so the fact that a local version is hitting the market makes me so excited!! I can’t wait to stock up.


There were so many other great products, make sure you cast your own vote for the People Choice Awards here and make sure to get your tickets to the Fresno Food Expo here to try all these products and more for yourself on July 28th.




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