Fourth of July Confetti Launchers

for a safe and sane celebration!!

My absolute favorite part of the Fourth of July is the fireworks – it always has been. I’m always awe struck by the vibrant burst of colors against the night sky, and then the graceful decent it has back down to reality. Its relaxing and calming and beautiful…


…at least until you have kids!


Then the spectacular show you once loved somehow becomes barrage of loud, screeching rockets, propelling violently into the air, taunting you with threats of waking your sleeping child – who, BTW took an insanely long time to get down in the first place because they are overstimulated and sugar wasted from all the Fourth of July fun.


So there you sit, in quiet, praying to The Big Man Upstairs that your child is not awakened from their sweet slumber, all while cursing the drunken idiots who dare engage in any festivities after 9pm, I mean who do they think they are!?


As if that’s not enough, if you have a toddler (especially one who is insistent on doing everything for themselves like mine – and I’m going to guess you do since it seems to be a prerequisite for turning two years old) they will want to actively participate by having their own sparkler or throwing a firecracker themselves. Anything short of this will result in a tantrum of epic proportions – please tell me that’s not just me and my child…anybody? Please?


Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not keen on handing my kid a stick of shooting fire. Even with brilliant child safety hacks like this one that’s all over Pinterest…




Maybe that’s because I’m pretty sure my child would look around, notice he’s the only one with a cup over his hand and demand a do-over. Again, any one else have this same problem?


These kid friendly confetti launchers are my solution to ensure a safe and sane celebration for the 4th!!


They are quick and easy to make, I actually had most of the materials lying around my house.


What you’ll need:




toilet paper rolls

colorful paper


washi tape or ribbon



To assemble, start by cutting the balloon in half.


Tie off the end (just like you usually would) and wrap the cut half over the toilet paper roll.




Then wrap a piece of colorful paper around the roll and part of the balloon, and decorate with some fun tape or ribbon for a more finished look.




Fill with confetti and launch those babies all night long!!!





Not only are they fun (and safe for little hands) but they look special enough to make kids feel like they aren’t missing out on the celebrations. The fact they can execute a confetti launch independently gives us moms some peace of mind too – so this craft really can’t be beat this holiday!







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