Giant Yard Marshmallow Peep

an easy Easter DIY

Easter is our holiday – meaning we host it for the entire family. We’ve divvied all of them up and somehow we ended up with the most fun holiday…especially with kids. Don’t ask me how, because I don’t know, but I am NOT giving it up, ever!!


I know, I know, many of you will argue that Christmas is the most fun holiday for children, however…

  • The weather for Easter is way better so the kids can play outside. Win, win for everyone.
  • We have built in activities – baskets and egg hunts = a couple hours of entertainment easy, maybe more depending on what that bunny brings.
  • Easter candy is just the best of any holiday hands down, I don’t care what you say.


Anyways, since Easter is my holiday I naturally have to decorate the heck out of it. These giant marshmallow yard Peeps are my favorite festive decoration and they are the perfect (and easy) DIY craft project for your Easter décor this year too.


First, I outlined the shape of a large Peep onto pieces of plywood we had laying around my in-law’s ranch. Then (carefully) cut them out using a jigsaw.




Next use a vice to hold the Peeps in place to sand down all the rough edges.




Once everything is smooth, I used a cordless drill and wood screws to attach a wooden stake to the back.




Then I painted each of them in bright marshmallow Peep-like colors…




…and added a face…




Cause they have to look realistic, right?!




I grouped them around the yard so they looked like my favorite Easter candy really did come to life!!


Everyone in the neighborhood loves them and always asks us where we got them – it happens every year!! Pretty soon we will have an entire block of Peeps, which is fine by me, since they are so darn fun and fabulous!!!


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