Grande Fakeuccino – Gift Card Holder

throwback to the cutest way to give the gift of caffeine!

Teachers are kind of like moms in the sense that they take care of tiny humans all-day and run on pure adrenaline and caffeine. So it’s no surprise that Starbucks gift cards are my go-to gift of choice – especially as a quick and easy back-to-school gift for my son’s teachers!!


While I am a fan of the gift card itself – because everyone can use it on his or her beverage of choice – I do not like the typical gift card packaging. A plastic card shoved in an envelope is not much for presentation.


Much more can be done and with minimal effort!!


I made these adorable “Grande Fakeucccino’s with Whip” for all my son’s teachers last year and since they received such a great response I am making them again this year too – but re-posting a little earlier so everyone can get them done in time for the first day of school!


What you will need:





  • An empty Grande Frappuccino cups/lids/straws and a drink carrier (when you go and purchase your gift cards just ask the Barista)
  • Brown paper
  •  White tissue paper


In order for the brown paper to fit in the cup perfectly I used this template


Wrap the paper around the inside of the cup and secure it with tape.


Then place the gift card inside and fill to the top with tissue paper.




I like to personalize everything, so I added a cute little note for each teacher…




I think they turned out adorable, and from far away they almost look like the real thing.


It really is so much better than a gift card in an envelope – it’s that little something extra.


These would really be perfect for anyone who loves coffee – but considering the new school year is just about to start, I figured my son’s teachers should get first dibs! Because no one can caffeinate quite like a mother… except maybe a teacher!!!


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