How To Make a Big Sister Tool Kit

all the essentials needed for becoming a sibling!!

A few weeks ago, our good friends received a call they had been waiting almost a year and a half for – it was from their adoption agency informing them that they had been matched with a beautiful baby girl.


Words cannot explain how overjoyed I was to hear the news. Not just because they are so, so deserving of being this little girl’s parents – the amount of love they had for her, before they even knew she existed, was unreal! But also, because their five-year-old daughter has been wishing to be a big sister for as long as I have known her!


One of my very first memories of this sweet girl is of her asking to help me feed, my then, newborn son. She has always been the best and most nurturing helper – diapers, feedings, playtime, rocking, she wants to assist with all of it. She’s a rock star at it too. She has really had this big sister thing down for a while.


So now that she officially is one, I had to do something special. After all, the baby will be getting all kinds of presents – she deserves one too!


I decided that a Big Sister Tool Kit would be perfect for her to execute all her big sisterly duties.


It included the following:


Big Sister Items


1. Stickers

2. Peanut M&M’s 

3. Crayons 

4. Lotion

5. Starburst Candy

6. Kit Kat Bar

7. Princess Wand

8. Hersheys Hugs & Kisses

9. Sharpie Markers 

10. Swedish Fish 

11. Ring Pops

12. Snickers Bar

13. Cotton Candy

14. Socks

15. Reece’s Pieces Candy 

16. Bubbles 

17. Twix bar


Then I attached this note to explain why each of the items were special and unique to big sisters:


Big Sister list


I’m not a big sister, but I have to admit that if I was one, I would think this is tool kit is pretty awesome.


I’m hoping she thinks so too!


Pinball Big Sister Kit


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