How To Make An “I-Spy” Bottle

with two versions so both big and little kids can play!!

A few weeks ago I posted about these Calm Down Sensory Bottles I made for the kiddo and they reminded me of another brilliant toddler activity I made long before the blog was even an idea…


Maybe I’m dating myself, but does anyone else remember those I-Spy books as a kid? Colorful pages filled with “stuff” and fun little rhymes that listed all the items you needed to find? I loved them, and would be entertained by them for an extremely long time. What parent doesn’t love that? I’m sure mine were stoked!!


So I decided, why not apply the same idea to a bottle? Something portable for endless entertainment.


At the time I needed some fun activity for all the kiddos who were invited to my son’s baptism – cause let’s face it, that’s boring for kid. But since there was such a wide age range, I needed something that would work across the board.


The I-spy bottle was perfect because I could take a picture of all the items for the little kids to find, or the older kids could flip it over and try to figure out the items based on the rhyme!!! One bottle + two versions = happy everyone!!


They are super easy to make too. All you need is:


  • Plastic VOSS water bottle
  • Sand
  • And a variety of small objects to place inside


Just place all your objects into the empty bottle then fill about ¾ of the way with sand.


Don’t forget to super glue the lid on so you don’t end up with sand all over your car (or in my case a church!)



Here are the objects I used, which I printed out on a card so everyone knew what to look for…



(sorry the picture quality is terrible, like I said this was pre-blogging days)


…and the rhyme I came up with for the bigger kids, which was on the back of the card:



  • A nickel
  • A dice
  • A blue birthday candle
  • One tiny clothespin, almost too small to handle
  • A red and green apple, not the kind that you eat
  • A yellow paper clip to help keep things neat
  • A toothpick
  • A safety pin
  • A little metal key
  • 3 different colored hearts
  • and an A, B and C
  • a Lego for building
  • a fluffy pom pom… I really can’t believe you’re still playing along
  • a rubber band
  • a button
  • one googly eye
  • a skateboarder that looks like an Army guy
  • a black and a white jingle bell
  • a two-toned bouncy ball
  • a miniature bucket – perfect for a Barbie doll
  • 3 balloons – so small the points should be worth double
  • a bright neon bead
  • …and a penny for your trouble!!!


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