Mickey Mouse 2nd Birthday

fun, easy and most importantly stress free!!!

Today we officially enter into the terrible twos – dealing with that issue is another post, for another time, because I’m too overwhelmed with the fact that I have a TWO year old!! A two year old!!!


A two year old who I have actual conversations with, who loves being outside, anything having to do with transportation – and of course Mickey Mouse!


We are Mickey obsessed up in our house, like full-blown eat, sleep and breathe Mickey!


So it was the natural choice to have a Mickey Mouse 2nd birthday party – which is probably the easiest, most stress free theme ever… plus its simple to make look adorable.


For starters I found these invitations on Etsy…


Mickey Invite2



Which were perfect because I wanted to stay away from the actual cartoon Mickey and focus more on his silhouette and the color scheme of red, black and yellow – in the long run this made pulling off an easy, yet, epic birthday that much more simple! Trust me on this!!


The shop is called Allie Logan Designs – not only was the design adorable but it was super affordable too. Keep in mind that the Disney Corporation copyrights the Mickey Mouse image so if you want something custom like this you wont be able to print it at FexEx or Costco! You can print it at home if you have a high quality printer, or Allie Logan Designs can print them for you – they were also double sided, which gave it that little something extra!!


Because I wanted the day to be as stress free as possible we decided to host the birthday at a local restaurant – we had the entire enclosed patio to ourselves, a full bar at our disposal (for those who chose to indulge in adult beverages #parentsoftheyear), four wonderful servers who took care of our every need, and most importantly I DIDN’T HAVE TO CLEAN UP!!! Whoop, whoop!!


Seriously, as your friend I am telling you it was the best decision ever!!! Plus, it cost about as much as I would have spent if I had cooked and hosted at my home – except I didn’t have to do any of it. I was able to sit back and actually enjoy my son’s birthday instead of running around like a crazy person.


So back to the party.


Centerpieces are obviously one of the main focal points at a fiesta– I wanted something cute, but also something I could put together easily (keeping with the theme of stress free and all – I promised you, and I keep my promises).


I had some empty mason jars lying around so I painted the inside red. I picked up some Styrofoam balls in different sizes from the craft store – painted them all black then hot glued the smaller “ears” onto the larger balls to make a Mickey silhouette.




Throw that guy into the mason jar with some shredded paper, add ribbon for a little pop and you have yourself a pretty cute centerpiece, if I do say so myself. I did six of these bad boys but you could easily use larger Styrofoam balls to make one large centerpiece if you want too!!


My favorite part of any celebration is the cake – because lets be honest it’s the best part!! I am super lucky that one of my high school friends is an uber talented baker, like really beyond amazing!!




I mean isn’t that just incredible?


Both her and her mother own All Things Frosted, if you are local you MUST check them out! Not only are their creations amazing, but the cake is the best I have ever had – not even kidding, I consider myself a cake connoisseur. We order a larger cake than we actually need every.single.time because we want leftovers – its that good.


They have a bazillion flavors to choose from too – which is a heck of a lot if you are unfamiliar that quantity – and each of them are equally delicious. Our personal favorites are the chocolate/chocolate mousse and the snickerdoodle. You wont be disappointed, I pinky swear!!


As for favors, it wouldn’t be a Mickey party without those infamous ears.




So everyone was encouraged to join in the fun and wear a pair…










We have some good sports in our family for sure!!


Everyone also got a Mickey Mouse cookie, baked with love by yours truly!! Ever since I took that cookie decorating class a few weeks ago I have been determined to get good at my new hobby – slowly but surely I’m getting there.




We didn’t open up gifts at the party – I personally think two is still too little to do that. He gets distracted so easily and can find bows and boxes more fun than the actual gift itself. So out of respect for everyone’s time, my sanity and a desire to make this birthday easy and enjoyable – we opened presents later that day, at home, alone, after a terrible nap that I am blaming on all the excess sugar!!


Overall, the party was a huge success. It was easy to put together, everyone had fun and I didn’t feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed out at any point. Most importantly, my kid had a great time and his 2nd birthday was spent with those who care most about him and the mouse he cares the most about!!


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