Motherhood With a Side of Chardonnay

With Wente Vineyards

Being a mom is hard. Not that this is a new realization for me or anything, it’s always been hard – from day one it had its challenges.


The thing is, the deeper I get into this parenting gig, the more I realize how unbelievably hard it is (or maybe it’s just the terrible-twos, but I’m guessing not).


Part of what makes the whole “raising a tiny human” job so scary is the fact that there are no directions on how to do it right! I mean how are we supposed to know if the decisions we make as parents today will result in happy, well-adjusted children later in life?


We don’t, and it’s that unpredictability that I find to be the hardest part of my motherhood journey.


Come bedtime, after all the tantrums, and spills, and diapers, and messes, and stressing, and kisses, and redirecting, and stories, and countless sips of water – this mama needs a glass of wine to just reflect on the successes of the day, to move forward from the failures and to regroup so I can do it all over again tomorrow.


I know I’m not the only one.


It’s in those moments, that I sit back and wonder how in the world my great grandmother had five – yeah, count them, five children!!


Now a little known fact about me, I will always, unless its unavailable, drink California wine, always! Growing up here and being raised in the farming and agriculture industry, I know the importance of buying and supporting local – which is one of the reasons I’m all about the Wente Vineyards  varietals as my “kid bedtime beverage of choice” lately.


Right now I’m about halfway into this baby…




It’s their Riva Ranch Chardonnay – Wente Vineyards is kind of a big deal when it comes to Chardonnay!! It’s perfectly fruity and not too acidic, which is usually the issue I have with Chardonnay, but this one is delightful and perfect on these hot summer nights!


Not only is the wine really good, but I also like that their story is a lot like my own family. The Wente family immigrated to America from Germany – made their way to California to create a better life for themselves. They just so happened to create a wine empire spanning five generations and becoming the “oldest, continuously operated, family-owned winery in America” – so I’d say they succeeded in that dream.


My great-grandma (the one with the five kids) also immigrated to America, but from Serbia (probably around the same time), all by herself at the age of sixteen. She didn’t speak any English (nothing, nada, zip) and landed on Ellis Island with a little handwritten sign around her neck that read “Send to Los Angeles” – which apparently was where some other family members had already established themselves at the time.


I mean, can you believe that!? When I was sixteen…actually let’s not talk about the things I did at that age. But I can assure you, it was nothing like traveling across the country with a massive language barrier, or starting what would be a successful wine label, looking to start a new life for myself and generations to come.


So on days like today – where I feel defeated as a mother, when I feel like I have failed, when I have said the word “no” too many times to count and I am counting down the minutes to bedtime so I can have that glass of wine I want sooooo badly, I wonder how those earlier generations did it with all those kids. I mean they didn’t have TV or iPads!!!


Then I feel embarrassed. Those generations had to work so hard for everything, not that I don’t work hard as a mom, but it’s different. They had 5-7 children, they likely lived in a modest home, cleaned it themselves, cooked at home every night… and ran a successful vineyard on top of it.


They didn’t call housekeepers for the deep cleaning, or grab take out when it was too hot to cook, there was no such thing as the internet. They had each other and the family business – those were the things that mattered, establishing those things was (and still is) the journey.


It puts my personal journey in motherhood into perspective.


Every day isn’t going to be perfect, and I won’t be proud of every parenting decision I make, but I knew that going into it. I need to remember to focus on each moment and be fully present in it. To learn from my mistakes and embrace them, the same as I do my accomplishments – that is what will allow me to love the journey even more.


And while it doesn’t always feel like that in the middle of the tough moments, know that you always have good wine to help get you through.


Check out the Wente Vineyards Facebook or Twitter to keep up with everything they are doing.


To find out where you can buy Wente near you click here.



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