My Hubby Doesn’t Babysit, It’s Called Parenting

My Biggest Pet Peeve These Days

I need to vent.




Lately I have developed a new pet peeve – worse than when people are rude to restaurant employees or even those drivers who wait until the very last minute to merge over into traffic – cutting off the countless cars who have patiently waited their turn.


Yeah, way worse than that.


The thing I find more annoying than anything lately is when I am without my husband or my child, and people ask me, “So is your husband on babysitting duty?”


Its cringe worthy.


Like I cannot even deal.


Seriously, I struggle.


Now let me back up a second. There is a laundry list of things I will praise my husband for: he is a great cook, he can load a dishwasher like it’s a game of Tetris and get everything in that sucker with one load, his amazing ability to gift wrap presents like a professional.


Most importantly, he is an incredible provider for our family and works so, so hard to give us anything and everything we want or need.


But here’s the thing, even though he has a full time “job” – it doesn’t mean that he is not a full time parent too, just like me! He still has all the responsibilities that come with raising a child.


So I cannot, will not, praise him for taking care of our son by himself.


I understand that there is this stereotype that exists where mom goes out and everything goes to hell because dad is incompetent – the kids go to bed late, they eat junk food for dinner, watch all the TV shows that aren’t allowed, etc.


But come on…


Aren’t we way past the idea that mothers are the primary caretakers, I mean it’s the year 2016 not 1956!! Why should fathers continue to get kudos for doing what mothers are expected to do every day?


The truth is, my husband is amazing with my son – and in all fairness to him, he has never once referred to their time alone as “babysitting”.


From day one, he has changed diapers and given bottles, and gotten down on the ground and played and made a fool of himself all for the love of baby giggles. He kisses away ouchies, and scares away monsters and wipes noses.


He does it all.


To call him a “babysitter” is seriously downplaying the role he plays in our sons’ life – which is just as important as the role I play as a mother.


Babysitting is what you do with other people’s kids. My husband is responsible for half my child’s DNA, so yeah, it’s called parenting people – and he is really stinking good at it, thank you very much!!


End rant.





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