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One Year Blogiversary!!!

...And My Top Posts From The Past Year!

Exactly one year ago today The Momerie went live – I remember being so nervous and wondering if anyone would even read anything that I posted, and if they did would they like it enough to come back and read more?


I started the blog as a place to record all my thoughts and favorite things I had constantly been forgetting due to a severe case of mommy brain – which gets increasingly worse as the days go by. I wanted a place to record all the recipes I tried from Pinterest that turned out to be successes, along with my tried and true originals past down from my grandma. I wanted to know where to find playlists I created for every. single. holiday or major event. I wanted to share my party planning process from start to finish, and document life as a wife and mother (as honestly as possible) so I could go back and look over those moments long after they have past – and do the ugly cry while reminiscing, I’ll own it!


If at the same time I could inspire fellow mama’s out there, create a common ground for all of us just trying to make it to nap time – and gain some followers along the way, great!!!


Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that one year in I would have the readership I do, the social media followers that I do, or the crazy amount of people who actually care about what I have to say like I do.


To all of you, THANK YOU!!


With each of your comments, emails, and likes you have all become a part of my tribe – those people that help get you through the tough times in parenthood, or wifehood, even adulthood some days.


You are inspiring and I appreciate all of you for taking this journey with me!


For the occasion I thought it would be fun to share my top posts from the past year, not gonna lie, some of them surprised me, but I think they do a good job of representing exactly what you can find on the blog


  1. Adventures in Potty Training
  2. A Typical Miscarriage – That I’m Not keeping Secret
  3. 5 Ways to Connect With Your Partner
  4. Boho Chic Baby Shower
  5. The Stockholm Royale
  6. 10 Things I Didn’t Do As A New Mom 
  7. Roasted Root Vegetables with Feta and Balsamic Glaze
  8. DIY Jumbo Lawn Jenga
  9. 5 Rules for Fighting Fair 
  10. Easy Homemade Fruit Snacks
  11. Building My Tribe: 3 Places I Found Support As A New Mom
  12. The Best Ever Homemade Playdough


Looking forward, I would really like to make this upcoming year about connecting with YOU, the readers and supporters of this blog. So, my question for you is:




Maybe that’s more recipes. Or craft ideas with the kiddos. Me actually using my Psychology degrees and giving advice on family, relationships, stress, communication, or whatever else you are curious about.


Would you like me to incorporate videos or tutorials, or more printables?


Do you want more about my day-to-day life? More product posts or recommendations? Maybe even more on my favorite things?


I’m open to anything, so fire away.


In the meantime, make sure to join the newsletter – it’s still in the works but it will give you access to specialized content, giveaways and more. And I’ll promise not to spam your inbox – in fact you can count on it because I don’t have the time to send you a ton of emails, lets settle on one a month, sound good?




Again, I just want to thank you – like really, really thank you – for your support and following. I LOVE this blog and am more grateful than I can say for this outlet to share my thoughts… and even more thankful you all care enough to read about them.


Looking forward to year two!




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