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My Whole30 Journey – Completed

Thoughts and Feelings After Finishing 30 Days of Clean Eating

So I finished my first Whole30 you guys and I have some seriously mixed emotions on the whole thing.   First, let me start by saying that I feel pretty incredible – like maybe better than I have ever felt, which is a big statement, I know!   I have specifically noticed the following:   Read more…


The Momerie Takes on Infertility

The Start of Our Journey for Baby #2

The other day we “officially” started our infertility journey up at Stanford. I say “officially” because they were technically our second opinion.   You see, after my miscarriage a few months ago, my OBGYN decided it was time to refer me to a specialist. Almost a year of trying, three rounds of Clomid, and a Read more…

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One Year Blogiversary!!!

...And My Top Posts From The Past Year!

Exactly one year ago today The Momerie went live – I remember being so nervous and wondering if anyone would even read anything that I posted, and if they did would they like it enough to come back and read more?   I started the blog as a place to record all my thoughts and Read more…


My Whole30 Journey

Week Three

I am officially on the downhill side of this journey – Tiger Blood baby!!   But I have to admit, this 3rd week was by far the hardest for me. I’ve narrowed down all the things I hold responsible for my struggles:   Aunt Flow. She came to town and brought all her cravings with Read more…


Back To School Playlist

To Help With All Those First Day Jitters

The new school year is right around the corner; in fact, it’s already started for some – which I still can’t believe.   Whether your little one is brand new to school or a seasoned veteran of the hallways – the first day of school is always a mix of emotions. For me it was Read more…


Grande Fakeuccino – Gift Card Holder

throwback to the cutest way to give the gift of caffeine!

Teachers are kind of like moms in the sense that they take care of tiny humans all-day and run on pure adrenaline and caffeine. So it’s no surprise that Starbucks gift cards are my go-to gift of choice – especially as a quick and easy back-to-school gift for my son’s teachers!!   While I am Read more…


My Whole30 Journey

Week Two

You guys, I made it through another week!!   That’s 14 days of no dairy, or sugar, or grains, or alcohol or any of that stuff.   Fourteen!!!!   I’m kind of shocked, and kind of not. It really isn’t half as hard as I thought it would be. I just make sure to stay Read more…


12 Back to School Traditions

to start with your kids THIS year!!

Believe it or not, it’s almost time to go back to school!! Can you believe that?!   Stores are filled with backpacks and markers and crayons and so much paper – marking the end of summer and the start of another wonderful school year.   You could say that I am one of those people Read more…


My Whole30 Journey

Week One

A few weeks ago, after posting about my experience with a miscarriage, one of my best friends from college sent me a text asking if I had considered trying Whole30.   I was familiar with the plan, I had actually kinda, sorta tried to do it about a year prior – but I didn’t exactly Read more…

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