Parents’ Night Out

St. Agnes Men's Club Casino Night 2016

Every now and again its fun to get all dressed up for a night out on the town. As a parent those evenings are few and far between – even fewer when you have nothing to really get that dressed up for anymore.


So when the opportunity comes along you take it, you don’t think about it, you don’t worry about what to wear, you just say, “YES!”


This past weekend was that opportunity.


The hubby is involved in a group that supports and raises money for our local hospital. Every year they host a Casino Night event, which is always a good time. This year, however, they decided to up the ante and made the event black tie with a 007 theme!!!


Casin Night 2016 Invite


Eeeek! I don’t know if I have ever technically been to a black tie anything – other than my wedding. So this was kind of exciting.


We put together a table of our closest friends and had the most epic parents’ night out!!




We all cleaned up pretty well – but I mean its not that hard when my personal standard is no makeup, a messy bun and yoga pants, amiright?




I mean, this is a world away from my mommy uniform, and I gotta say I liked it!!


The event itself was amazing. Full on red carpet and velvet ropes at check in, chandeliers, three different bars, a huge silent auction. I mean look…






The place was packed with people in penguin suits and floor length gowns – it was impossible not to feel special!


Even the tables were glamourous…




…and it was at this moment, as we sat down to dinner, that the night took a turn from fun to unbelievably awesome, because the tables were scattered with selfie sticks!!!!




You know how to get stressed out parents to let their hair down? Get them dressed up, give them some booze and a selfie stick and then sit back and watch the hilarity ensue.


Seriously I had too much fun…








Yeah thats me at the end of the night with all my funny money tickets and extra selfie sticks left on the tables (because its obvious by the above images that I need practice with all of them to steady the camera, lol), I told you I had too much fun!!


Which was apparent the next morning when I woke up with the most enormous hangover OF MY LIFE!!


Not even exaggerating – it was painful on every possible level.


You see, I am not a big drinker. I am what you would call a light weight, who just so happens to hang out with people who do a much better job at holding their liquor. As a result, I thought I could hang with them… it turns out I can not.


Not to mention that a 30-something year old body does not recover quite like a 20-something year old body – which was the last time I had a night like this. I mean I woke up looking like a hot mess and was still feeling the effects of my evening at 3pm the next day.


And in case you need a visual…




Yup, you guessed it, I’m in bed with a large piece of baguette – that I couldn’t manage to eat without gagging. So I had to turn to the holy grail of hangover food…




As I emerged from my bedroom in those late afternoon hours my two-year-old smiled at me happily saying “good morning mommy!” and all I could do was laugh at the stealer example I was setting.


Did I mention that toddlers don’t care if you are hungover or not, like not in the least bit? They still want to play trains and demand that their toast is cut in small triangles with chocolate on it and watch Mickey on repeat so you can both do the Hot Dog dance together.


Not that I can blame him, those are all the things we usually do on the weekends. Just so happens that they are soooooo much harder to muster today, but I somehow manage to do it. Mostly because I didn’t have a choice.


Thank goodness for my amazing hubby, who took on single parent duty most of the day while I recovered from my self-induced illness.


Even though I had a rough recovery period, I had the best time and don’t regret any of it. In fact I think parents need more fancy, fun, and carefree nights out together. It doesn’t have to be a black tie event – just get your gang together, dress up and go out!! Because if I learned anything from this past weekend its this:


1) Its important not to forget who you are.

Sure you are someone’s mom, but you were a pretty amazing (and fun) person before that too –  let her out every once and a while.


2) Good friends are everything.

As an adult I find its hard to make new friends easily. It can be done, but it takes significantly more effort the older you get – long are the days of finding another person who loves pizza and the color pink and instantly becomes your BFF. If you are lucky enough to have a group of people you love like family, who are there through thick and thin and that you can have fun with. Make sure to foster those relationships and hold onto them with everything you have because you are lucky!!!


3) Never underestimate the power of laughter!!

Laughter is healing and powerful and not done enough. Our family has had a pretty rough month, what with all the illnesses and such. Things had gotten pretty serious in the Cholakian house. Its amazing what a night full of laughter can do to lighten the mood and impact your general wellbeing for the better. You forget sometimes that surrounding yourself with happiness, good people and positivity can change your perspective entirely – that those things can actually heal emotionally, mentally, even physically. Who would have thought my besties, a selfie stick and a camera could do all that? Certainly not me, but I am so thankful they did!!



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