Grandma’s Amazing Banana Bread

famous (in certain circles) & probably the world's BEST

So I have a texture issue when it comes to food, some things I just CAN NOT handle – cottage cheese, tapioca, chia pudding, mayonnaise, soft scrambles eggs, over ripe bananas, you get the idea. The list is long.   Maybe I have an underlying sensory processing disorder that I don’t know about but thankfully Read more…


Vegetable Tian

You know those recipes that look incredibly difficult or time consuming but in reality are super duper easy and take less time to prep than it did to drive to the store and shop for all the ingredients?   Yeah, those are the best kind. The ones with WOW factor and no hard labor involved. Read more…


Lazy Chile Verde

you only need 3 ingredients!!

Have you ever tried to make Chile Verde from scratch – with the roasted tomatillos and the jalapenos and the whole thing? Me neither. Mostly because I am too lazy to even attempt it.   That said, I do love a good Chile Verde and this recipe meets all my requirements for a fool proof Read more…


6 Easy Compound Butter Recipes

my go-to homemade gift!!

Compound butter is just a fancy name for flavored butter. They are incredibly delicious and super easy to make. Which makes them the perfect homemade gifts for the holidays, as hostess gifts, housewarming presents or as appetizers and accompaniments for a party!!   You can make them with just about anything – sweet or savory. Read more…


Persimmon Pear & Cranberry Pecan Muffins

your new favorite persimmon recipe

The persimmon is an extremely underused fall fruit – apart from the ever-popular persimmon cookie, people often are at a loss on how to use them.   First, I think it is important to understand the differences between the two main varietals – Fuyu and Hachiyas.   Fuyus are flat, round and crisp – you Read more…


3 Halloween Treats For Busy Moms

they are so easy its scary!!!

Halloween marks the beginning of a crazy, busy time of year. Not only is there the whole costume situation, which changes a bazillion times before we even get to Halloween and actually go trick or treating, but there are all the parties – classroom, costume, an insane amount of kids have been born in the Read more…


Kids in the Kitchen with Young Chefs Academy

plus an amazing GIVEAWAY!!!

___________________________________________________________________ The winner is…   Patty Grissom – we love to make breakfast together. Pancakes, eggs, the whole works!! A big congratulations!!   Contact to claim your prize. ___________________________________________________________________ Last weekend I was invited to attend the Back to School Open House at Young Chefs Academy, Fresno by my friend, and owner, Chef Shayna. Read more…

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