How To Make An “I-Spy” Bottle

with two versions so both big and little kids can play!!

A few weeks ago I posted about these Calm Down Sensory Bottles I made for the kiddo and they reminded me of another brilliant toddler activity I made long before the blog was even an idea…   Maybe I’m dating myself, but does anyone else remember those I-Spy books as a kid? Colorful pages filled with Read more…


How To Make a Calm Down Sensory Bottle

to help tame those toddler tantrums

So lately we have been battling toddler tantrums in a pretty hard core way.   My son is what you could call stubborn, or strong willed, a little dramatic even. I get it because his father and I are both the exact same way so genetically it was bound to happen – there was really Read more…

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Christmas Movie Marathon

a list of the best holiday movies for you and the whole family!

Every December, for as long I can remember, my family has set aside time to have family movie marathons! We have a long list of favorites – we don’t watch them all in one sitting in traditional marathon fashion, but by the time Christmas comes along we always manage to complete our list…or at the Read more…


The Best Ever Homemade Playdough

...for National Playdough Day

Today is National Playdough Day!!   So to celebrate I am sharing my favorite homemade playdough recipe ever!!   I know what your thinking – playdough recipes are a dime a dozen – but not even joking this stuff is exactly like store-bought, but its way cheaper and super fun to make with your kids Read more…

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