Thanksgiving Photo Scavenger Hunt

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As a kid, I remember always wanting to be in the kitchen, where the action was, on Thanksgiving!


I wanted to “help” so badly, but since my “helping” actually slowed down the process I was rarely given a job other than the boring ones – peeling potatoes, setting the table, you know the usual.


I quickly bored of those tasks, and so did all my cousins. So somewhere around the age of 8 years old the woman in my family got smart and gave us something to do that actually kept us busy and entertained for enough time that dinner could be prepared in peace.


They came up with a list of random things and told us to go on a scavenger hunt to find all the things on our list – we could look inside the house or in the backyard, and whoever completed the hunt first got to break the wishbone with the person of their choosing!!


As an 8 year old those were big stakes – and we all wanted that prize!!


The tradition sort of stuck and we did it for as many years as I can remember.


Now that I am the one in the kitchen at Thanksgiving I totally understand where my mom and grandma and all my aunts were coming from – there is a lot to do!! So, I decided to reinstate the Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt for the next generation – but this time with photos since its easier than collection a bunch of items.


Simply print out a checklist per child – I like to use card stock because it is thicker and more durable, which is important since its for tiny humans. Then let them get to scavenging and may the best kid win!!


Just click below for the free printable!!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt


Happy Thanksgiving!!


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