The Momerie Takes Napa Valley

Our Wine (& Food) Weekend Away!

Last week the hubby and I took a quick trip up to Napa Valley, it was one of those vacay’s that help you regroup and reconnect as a couple – which we needed in light of everything lately.


We stayed at the Vintage Inn, which is a charming, French inspired hotel in the heart of Yountville.




The room we had was absolutely amazing.


The first thing I noticed, besides the giant king-sized bed, was the vaulted wood-beam ceilings and a wood burning fireplace. We had the cutest little kitchen nook and a gigantic bathroom with a double shower. As if that’s not enough, we also had a private patio overlooking the water features that run through the entire property. I was ready to move in permanently.










There were all kinds of upscale shops and restaurants across the street, but that night we ended up at Bistro Jeanty for dinner. The casual French bistro came highly recommended…






We started with… wait for it… wait for it…the crispy pigs foot with mustard sauce…




Not even joking. I ate that, and liked it!!!


The waiter said if we were feeling adventurous then it was one of their popular items – like they are known for it. He described it as chicken-nuggety (which it was) and that it wasn’t anything like the pickled pig’s feet that most people imagine.


You guys, it was amazing. If no one told you what it was, you would be blown away!!


I also tried the other must-have menu item, the tomato bisque!!




Yup, it sure is covered in a puff pastry. Even though it was 90-something degrees outside I am so glad I ordered this baby. It was one of the best things I have ever tasted! I wish this soup would rain down from the heavens…and we are in a drought people! So asking for soup to rain down on me instead of water says a lot!!


We finished our meal with a couple of different desserts, but this…




was by far the best!!


If you have never had a traditional crepe suzette, you don’t know what you’re missing. It was simply heavenly.


The next morning, we started early. At 10:30am we were on our way to Caymus Vineyards for our first stop in wine tasting. The winery is owned by Chuck Wagner and his family – its pretty well known for making some amazing wines, so I was excited.


The place is beautiful…






…and it ended up being my favorite of the day, as far as wine goes. We got a few bottles of the most perfect rose and some of the 42nd Anniversary Cabernet.


Next we headed to Stag’s Leap, not to be confused with Stags’ Leap – did you know there were two? Cause we didn’t. Luckily, we picked the winery we intended on visiting, since they won the historic Judgement of Paris in 1976 and are kind of a big deal.





We tasted mostly reds, Cabernet’s to be exact, which made sense since we were in “Cab Country”. They were good but Cab’s are usually a little to acidic and tannin-y for my taste, I’m a Pinot Noir girl myself. I did walk away with four bottles of a tasty Sauvignon Blanc, though.


At this point we were at wine ‘o clock and half past starving so we stopped at the Oakville Grocery store for some yummy sami’s and all the accoutrements you’d expect from a top notch deli/market: salads, chips, cheese.


The place was adorable…








I loved everything about this little market, totally going back.


Our last stop of the day was at Raymond Vineyards. You can already tell this place is fun, huh?




This was by far my favorite winery of the day, for the sole reason that it wasn’t your usually stuffy, wine-snobby, stuck up type of winery. I mean, this was inside…







It was like a wild, elegant, disco, rave party and I didn’t want it to end!! I mean those are real Baccarat chandeliers and half naked mannequins hanging from the ceiling!!


We did a barrel tasting, where you literally try wine that is still ageing right out of its barrel!!! How cool is that?




They were good, but none of them were my favorites. All were Cab’s and since they had only been maturing for a little over a year they were even more acidic and tannin-y than usual – but the experience was incredible!


They even offer a winemakers course where you come in and learn how to blend your own bottle of wine. I told my husband that the next time we make a trip to Napa we are for sure doing it, I mean how cool is that!? This is the lab they hold the classes…




As if the winery didn’t already give off a Willy Wonka-esque vibe, they had a hallway with these…




It’s part of their Corridor of Senses and you spray the tasseled handle to smell all the different, distinct, complex aromas of wine.


I was all over this because I am absolutely terrible with wine adjectives. I mean, I know wine can be described as peppery or smoky, but what the heck does that mean?! If it has notes of strawberry, what does that taste like? Are actual strawberries used to make it? I don’t know these things!


I’m an amateur – I just know what I like and don’t like, I have no idea why. So this wall helped me figure some of that out!!


That evening, we rallied for dinner at Buchon, another awesome little French bistro.




These were the awesome paper menu’s wrapped around the napkin at your place setting…




I needed a little pick-me-up after all that wine so our waiter recommended an espresso martini.




It was just what I needed, two sips and I was awake and alert and ready for some food!!


Everything was great but the real shining star were these bad boys…




Profiteroles stuffed with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Oh-em-gee, I think I died and went to heaven right there! I ate them all and didn’t feel one ounce of guilt for not sharing.


The next morning, we packed up and headed out, pretty much right away. The hubby is notorious for wanting to hit the road first thing in the morning. But before we left we stopped in at Buchon Bakery (next to where we had dinner the previous night) to take home some of the amazing french bread I binged on twelve hours earlier, and box full of macarons that were each the size of my palm, no joke!! Those may or may not have made it past the car ride home. #sorrynotsorry




This was the perfect little get away for us. We always love Napa and have so many favorites that we didn’t get to this trip (like eating at Rutherford Grill – don’t ask just do it if you’re in town and get the cornbread and French dip!) but we can’t wait to come back soon for some more R&R!


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