Write The Perfect Thank You Note

...cause a lot of people don't know how

I am pretty sure I am in the minority of people who still prefer a handwritten thank you note – I feel like a dying breed. There is no part of me that feels comfortable using a fill in the blank or cookie cutter thank you notes – you know the kind you can print out in mass quantities with a cute picture of you and your new spouse or your kid in her birthday crown that says “Thanks for coming to my party” – stick a stamp on those babies and you are D-O-N-E with minimal effort!


Now before you all go tying me to the stake let me just say that I get it. We are all busy – with work, with kids, with life in general, and basically getting any thank you note out is better than none at all.


Trust me I get it – I had 400 people at my wedding (another story for another time) along with three separate bridal showers. Now let me tell you that’s a lot of gifts and a lot of thanking to do afterwards. And you know what? My husband and I hand wrote every last thank you note.


Why? Because there is something to be said about sitting down and taking time to write a personal heartfelt note. Plus it is just fun to get “real” mail these days – amongst the bills, and advertisements and credit card offers that take over our mailboxes.


The thing with thank you notes is that they sound easy, but when it comes time to put pen to paper its often hard to know exactly what to say. So I thought I’d share the cheat sheet that I have always used to write the perfect thank you note:

Thank You Note Graphic

A few more tips:


When do you write a thank you note? Honest answer – always! If someone took time to buy or do something for you then they deserve a thank you – no matter how small the gift or the gesture.


Just remember that if you are going to do it, do it properly – no emails, voicemails, or text messages. I know we are in the digital age but what makes a thank you note so special is that it’s personal and that the sender put significant time and thought into it. Something you just don’t quite get from digital communication. Happy Thanking!



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